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Friday, April 30th, 2010

Autumn in Amalfi


Autumn had come to the Amalfi coast during my visit a couple of years ago. A light mist hung over the cliffs and ravines that tumble into the sea,  bleaching out colours and blurring distant outlines.  On the hill tops behind and above, snow had put in a first appearance and the streets of Amalfi town were somehow forlorn in their relative emptiness following the hot crush of summer.  A hint of melancholy and ‘end-of-season’ fatigue hung with a tangible chill in the air.

Up in the better-off hill towns, silent german limousines glide across clean genteel squares and down narrow streets with their half-hidden superior hotels- undemonstrative vernacular facades with seriously classy interior refits and at the back, an outlook over fabulous dramatic coastal scenes from the ‘outdoor rooms’ of private terraces.

I’m supposed to be grown up now but I can’t help being fascinated by the kind of wealth and the ease it brings to the clientele of these hotels. The protective sheen, the aura around these people regardless of their ‘fortune’ in the looks and bodies nature actually gave to them. Is it there regardless or because of the ‘history’ to be read in their faces?

Or is that all just me looking for the poor man’s consolation of identifying a ‘price’ that always has to be paid?

Whatever the reality, this is a subject and a location ripe for a bit of romantic if overheated speculation. Having dropped some heavy- duty hints here,  I certainly hope this picture speaks for itself.

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